5 Reasons Why Assisted Living Is Budget-Friendly

Surveys across India have predominantly conveyed that Chennai is a prudent choice for retired life. Chennai Homes Aishwaryam is one such exemplary place for seniors to live in love and care.

In the present day of burgeoning dependent population, affordable assisted living for seniors is in high demand. One can relate to this system of living as an ala-carte presented at a hotel, where we can choose what we want within our budget. Assisted living cost depends on the requirements of the seniors.

How Assisted Living is a Money Saver?

1. Medical Services That Don’t Cost a Bomb

Medical Service is a part of the assisted living cost, where a medical team is an essential part of the affordable housing for seniors. Searching a doctor for medical help and paying exorbitant fees is a pain for seniors. At Chennai Homes Aishwaryam, medical facilities are available at a call’s distance and expenses are very low.

2. Nutritious Diet Available at Peanuts

At any age, nutrition is the significant aspect to be catered to without any compromise on price. The balanced diet in seniors is tenacious due to their deteriorating health conditions and dieticians take care of such needs of the seniors.

At an assisted living for seniors like Chennai Homes Aishwaryam, a balanced meal is prepared for the inmates based on their lifestyle and health requirements. Thus, it is cost and time effective for the inmates and is full of nutrition for good health. The care shown is in abundance and keeps the seniors happy to the soul.

3. Effortless Home Maintenance

When the seniors are living in a community, they have the comfort of living a socially active life without much to pay for maintenance. The average cost of assisted living is far less than that of an individual living for seniors. The living arrangements have to be paid but costs of home care, lawn and bathroom maintenance are taken care of.

At Chennai Homes Aishwaryam, the price is cost-effective for seniors to reckon with all the services from medical aid to safety available at doorstep.

4. Budgeted House Keeping

Housekeeping is the resilient part of a senior’s life after retirement. The assisted living for seniors is a boon in disguise as the housekeeping work and its cost is saved as a double bonanza. At Chennai Homes Aishwaryam, the price for housekeeping is inclusive and it is done to keep the elders healthy and safe.

5. Social Life At its Best

Assisted living for seniors is a leverage in the old age where they don’t have to take efforts or spend money to go out and socialize. All these are available at their doorstep within their assisted living cost budget.

The seniors lead a happy and joyful life with utmost care and love and they receive it in abundance in a city like Chennai. The city has been a boon to several people with respect to livelihood and lifestyle. Know why Chennai is one of the best places for post-retirement living in India.


The Aishwaryam at Chennai is one such place that provides social activities like yoga center, walking trails, geriatric gym, verdant gardens, unisex spa/salon, ayurvedic massage etc.

Thus an assisted living home in the old age is a blessing in disguise and with a city like Chennai, it’s more of dream come true for retired life.

The Chennai Homes – Aishwaryam,
Plot no: 57, East coast road,
Kottaikadu Village
Cheyyur taluk ,
Kancheepuram district – 603304
TamilNadu, India
Tel: 044 45513131
Mobile: 99419 95555, 91766-77770

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Shakuntala vyas

Good evening.
I read a lot about your chennai homes.what is the cost total per momth.we are vegetarian. Me and my husband intrested .please reply
Shakuntala vyas
We both are.65 and 66 yrs olf


    The Chennai Homes

    Hi Mrs. Shakuntala, Thanks for messaging us. Our team will get in touch with you via the details you have provided. Have a great day!



    Thank you for your interest in Aishwaryam. Kindly provide us with your mail ID or contact number, our sales team will get in touch with you shortly or you can get in touch with us @ 9941995555



    Let me know the cost and details



Hi.My husband & I are both Sr citizens.Could you pl send me the e brochure for Aishwarayam?



Want to know abt the homes.
Rent, facilities etc



send complete details soon


S Raghavan

I am a senior citizen and was exploring homes for stay. Please send me your brochure, tariff and facilities available.



I am aged 70 and my wife aged 65.Both are healthy. We want rental accommodation. Kindly give details. With kind regards.



Send all the details and arrange for a site visit pls



Kindly send us the details of homes been available and the proceedures like whether we need to purchase or hire for senior couples….



Jstotra Senthil

My brother is 62 years and his leg is amputed below knee. He is a diabetic. He needs special meals made of millets. He is single. Please let me know the rent and charges for maintenance


Uma Nagarajan

My sister in law aged 73, is in search of a single bed accommodation temporarily for six months. She has good physique and able to do everything by herself. Pls send me the cost details.



Me n my husband want rental accommodation.i am 65 n my husband is 69. Kindly provide us the details


R k Nagarajan

For husband and wife(both aged 65), what is monthly expenses ( God’s grace we r healthy)
1.Rent including cleaning, washing and electricity.
2. Monthly 3 time vegetarian food.
3. Any other hidden cost.
Simple, wish to know how much it costs.
Self even interested in doing any admin work while staying as health permits now with God’s grace.



I want to stay with my wife for life time I want to rental villa + food monthly payment how much please send me reply



I am inquiring to know about the rental cost
And food, maintenance expenses per month for a single person. Pl send me the details


Jaya Kumari Veeraraghavan

How much does it cost to live at the Chennai homes for a couple. What is the deposit amount. No where in your brochure have you mentioned the costs. It’s the most important factor. We must know if it meets our budget.

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