FAQs About Retirement Communities

The Chennai Homes is back to assist you. Because we have here another set of questions to ask your retirement community.

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1. Can the kitchen provide special meals per dietary restrictions as needed?

It is, in fact, our specialty to provide to the appropriate dietary needs of our residents since we have physicians who take care of their health and medical records too. It is important for us to give them the proper care they need by providing special meals in the right portions to avoid any health issues. The general vegetarian meals are also cooked under the direction of the in-house dietician.

2. Are there any outings planned away from the residence?

We have had trips to Maduranthakam and Pondicherry along with temple visits to Besant Nagar and Botanical gardens to name a few. We practice an independent and free lifestyle that allows our residents to take a breather and not feel suffocated or restricted during any part of their stay. Along with taking them out, there are also various celebrations and special events to keep our residents entertained, like birthdays and festivals.

3. Can the residents have friends and family to stay?

There is a special guest house for such purposes but your guests can also stay in your own villa. We think family is an important part of an elderly’s retirement life as they may feel alone or left out sometimes irrespective of their surroundings. It’s quite therapeutic to have families visit them and stay without intruding with their newfound freedom and a life without responsibilities.

Learn more about our medical support.

4. Can Residents Have Cars?

Of course. And the wonderful thing is that we also provide transportation for those who don’t.
The Chennai Homes is an active practitioner of independent living we give you the utmost freedom to live the life you want.

5. What is the difference between renting & owning a house in a retirement community?

The difference is as simple as owning a property and not owning it. It’s quite well known that owning a real estate property is an investment and a long-term asset.


On the other hand, if you rent a retirement house and realize that this place isn’t the one for you, you can always pack your bags and go for an adventure, even search for a place where you belong. At The Chennai Homes, we give you the choice between renting and owning our luxurious villas that provide you with everything you need. Making the smart move is in your hands now.

These questions, though are meant to be asked to the retirement communities, also are meant to give you the needed knowledge about retired life and the places that provide you with the best of amenities.

Retire smartly with The Chennai Homes – Aishwaryam.

If you have any more questions to ask us, feel free to do so in the comments below!

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NS Jayaraman

We are interested in a home rent, till we dispose our properties! Can we give the details available for rent? We are Senior Citizens couple!
Regards, NS Jayaraman



    Thank you for your interest in Aishwaryam. Kindly provide us with your mail ID or contact number, our sales team will get in touch with you shortly or you can get in touch with us @ 9941995555/044-45513131

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