The complete senior care guide to protect elders from COVID-19.

It is no brainer that elders and senior citizens are at high-risk of any infection on any given day. With the world changing dramatically over the last 3 months, it has become imperative that their health and safety be put on the top of our lists. Elders and senior citizens have known to be at high-risk of the serious illness caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Though a majority of elders live in retirement homes and caregiving facilities, there are also a lot of them who live with their families. Wherever they may be, caregivers must take the following precautions and steps to protect the elderly person from the dangers of COVID-19. Here are a few ways to help them:

  • Staff, family members and others alike must strictly follow the protocols for social distancing. There is nothing to be alarmed about but it is always good to prepare your home or retirement space to allow for the likelihood that you will need to restrict your time in public spaces. Always be conscious of the saying that “The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to the virus.”
  • At home where there is one or more elderly person, limit the need to be close to them at all times. Also, try to restrict the sharing of personal items with them. The goal here is to keep them safeguarded from any apparent infection at all.
  • If possible, designate only one caregiver to the elderly. This will automatically reduce the number of people they come in contact with on a daily basis. The primary caregiver or caretaker must also follow strict social distancing rules and limit going out too often to avoid bringing any kind of infection with them that might get passed on to the elderly.
  • Before approaching the senior citizen, make sure you wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap for more than 20 seconds and always use a sanitizer with about 70% alcohol before and after tending to them. Make sure to cover all surfaces of the palms and wrists.
  • Make sure to keep the surroundings clean as well. Regularly deep clean and use disinfectants wherever necessary.
  • If the senior citizen is not in need of an emergency medical visit to the hospital, avoid all non-essential doctor and dental visits. It is best to postpone these until after the situation calms down.
  • Talk to them and make sure they are also aware of the situation outside. Help them stay connected with family and friends on a regular basis. Give emphasis to their mental health too during this time.
  • Accompany them for a breath of fresh air within the compound limits.

Being a little careful now will help keep them safe and healthy during the COVID-19 crisis. If your grandparents, father or mother are living in a retirement community, there is no need for panic as we are sure the staff is taking good care of them. It is important to respect the rules of the retirement community to protect the residents. Do make sure you make regular phone calls to your loved ones to ensure they are safe. Restrict yourself from visiting them often to reduce the risk of outside infections coming into the community.

At The Chennai Homes, we are taking exceptional care of our residents. We have made sure they are monitored 24×7 and are given our complete support at all times. Their food and medicine taking habits are also kept in check. We have put up restrictions on outside visitors coming in and have put checks on who comes in and goes out. You can be assured that our residents are safe and healthy within our community walls. We also would like to mention that our staff is putting their duty first in providing their 100% service to our beloved residents. If you have your dear ones staying with us and wish to know how they are doing at any time, please contact us at +91 99419 95555 and our representative will be happy to help you.


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Good advice. I am aware of your attention to details as a close relative there is keeping us updated. Sorry. Pl change the photo of a loved one hugging and breathing closely to the old lady. Not suited to the social distancing message

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