10 Best Apps For Senior Citizens That Aids In A Better Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered if there are any apps that can aid senior citizens in your day-to-day life? Well if the answer is no, need not worry we have found some useful apps for senior citizens which will help you carry on your routine. These apps for senior citizens cover all your needs like shopping, travel, education, health, fitness and security. With unique features, these Smartphone elderly apps are sure to aid you in various tasks. Here we will be explaining to you about 10 best apps for seniors 2019.

1. Blood Pressure Monitor (Android & iOS)

Blood Pressure Monitor is an ideal senior citizen app that helps you keep track of your blood pressure. This app allows you to track your blood pressure, weight and other vital statistics which can be shared easily with your doctor.

2. Netmeds (Android & iOS)

Netmeds is an ideal choice for seniors to keep track of their medicines and order them online. In this simple app, you just have to add your prescriptions to place an order. All the medicines sold here are prescribed and approved by doctors.

3. Medisafe (Android & iOS)

Medisafe is the best apps for seniors with dementia. This app will remind or alert you to take your pills on time. It can also ping your caretakers in real-time if you miss a medication to better improve your care thus making it a useful app for senior citizens.

4. Magnifying Glass + Flashlight (Android & iOS)

Magnifying Glass + Flashlight is a simple app that will help you to read a small print like in a restaurant menu or a prescription bottle. The image or text is enlarged via digital zoom and it also provides additional lighting (turns your camera flash into a torch) to make the text even more readable.

5. Empowerji (Android & iOS)

Empowerji is a specifically designed app for senior citizens in India. This app helps them to learn how to use tech. Its vast knowledge sharing makes you more self-reliant by turning you into a tech-savvy.

6. Dozee (Android & iOS)

Dozee is more than just an app; it’s a small device that you can place under your mattress. This little device connects to an app to track your sleep vitals to improve their overall health by monitoring their sleep. Dozee app and Dozee device when combined make it a helpful mobile app for senior citizens as their health is very important.

7. Oscar Senior (Android & iOS)

Oscar Senior is a cross-platform messaging app for seniors that allows you to send text messages, voice messages, make voice and video calls. Not only that you can also share images, videos, track activity, check news and set reminders making it the most convenient application for the elderly.

8. Google Fit (Android & iOS)

Google Fit one of the most useful health and fitness tracking app that was developed with WHO (World Health Organization) guidelines in mind for you to live a healthy and active life. It helps you to track your exercises like walking, jogging and other workouts. It has a journal where you can set your goals to motivate you to get moving.

9. Uber (Android & iOS)

Uber (and also Ola) is an app that allows you to book a cab or auto-rickshaw to your location and take it wherever you need to go. They offer a variety of price ranges, sizes of vehicles and even offer interstate travel. It also provides features like live location tracking, early drop, and online price update based on the distance travelled.

10. Dots (Android & iOS) & Duolingo (Android & iOS)

Dots is one of the best game apps for seniors, its colourful illustration and quick thinking makes it fun while helping you to improve hand to eye coordination.

Duolingo is a fun game-like app for learning languages. Its interactive interface helps you to learn a language in a fun way while staving off dementia. This app offers about 32 languages including Hindi, Spanish and Chinese making it an ideal senior citizen app.

Hopefully, these useful apps for senior citizens in India will help you enrich your life or the life of your loved ones. Embrace technology instead of fearing or avoiding it as we live in a digital era where technology should be accessible for our ageing parents and grandparents. Senior community homes like The Chennai Homes Aishwaryam, ensure that residents gain support and stay connected to their loved ones.

Click Here To Know More About The Amenities At The Chennai Homes What are the apps or games that you, your parents or grandparents like? Do let us know in the comments below.

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