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Swimming is ideal exercise activity that helps to boost the health level of all ages and makes them more physically active than ever. Besides being fun and calming, it has an exclusive benefit which is less risk for injury when compared to other activities. Also, one does not require any additional equipment or special training. The Chennai Homes community is an exclusive Senior retirement apartment in Chennai that offers several recreational activities like a swimming pool, ayurvedic massage centre, spa and walking trails.

Apart from being a fun recreational activity and a way to cool your body down during summers, swimming is a great form of exercise for older adults and their caregivers. It’s considered a low-impact sport which works wonders for people suffering from sports injuries or conditions like arthritis. For seniors especially, it’s always recommended to maintain an active lifestyle as it is critical for one’s overall health especially if swimming is practised regularly. As the Best retirement homes in India, we have put together the most important benefits of swimming for you and your loved ones as they age during their golden years.

1. Ideal for Aging Joints/Arthritis

Swimming is considered one of the most low-impact exercises which are also non-weight-bearing. That means it doesn’t put a lot of pressure on the spine, knees, or hips compared to weight training or cardio. The buoyancy of water supports actually supports some of your body weight, thereby reducing the effect of gravity, which then helps to alleviate some of the regular strain on these joints. It’s a great help for seniors who have joint conditions such as arthritis or fibromyalgia. Swimming is also ideal for relieving pain and improving the quality of life among people.

2. Improves Daily Flexibility And Motion

Swimming is said to reduce the strain on the joints. The buoyancy of the water allows swimmers to move more easily through their limbs by swimming in a full range of motion. Doing this activity every day will help keep the knee joints supple and provide a great amount of flexibility to the body which is also an important factor for seniors’ physical health and well-being. For ageing people with a limited range of motion on land, stretching in the water, especially by swimming is a great way to improve flexibility and motion. One of the best senior retirement apartments in Chennai, The Chennai Homes is known for looking after residents’ well-being and care, that’s why yoga, meditation, swimming, etc are always included in every senior’s routine.

3. Promotes Cardiovascular Health

Swimming is an ideal activity that helps to strengthen your heart and build enough endurance for your daily activities. It is also helpful when it comes to improving blood circulation while helping in expanding and controlling your breathing. Aerobic exercise such as swimming when done daily also reduces blood pressure by raising good cholesterol levels (HDLs). A 1% increase in HDL cholesterol is proven to reduce the risk of suffering due to heart ailments by nearly 3.5%. If an ageing senior has a heart condition then it might get aggravated by aerobic exercise, so it’s recommended for them to check with a health expert before beginning a new activity.

4. Improves Stability And Reduces Risk of Falls

Swimming works all major muscle groups which help in gaining strong muscles overall, especially for the upper body, core muscles, and leg muscles. All these muscles are very important for posture and stability and can help seniors reduce the risk of falls. It also works on all sets of muscles depending on the stroke or movement you perform. It is a relaxing activity that can help you strengthen and tone your body without stressing a lot on your back, hips, or knees.

5. Improves Regular Sleep

Older adults are always prone to having difficulty in sleeping, and poor sleep leads to many health issues. Aerobic exercise, such as swimming can help improve sleep and quality of life for older adults. As it is an exercise that helps burn a lot of calories and works for all the major muscle groups, it is bound to leave seniors physically tired enough to improve daily sleep. Swimming is also an ideal way to relax the body and the mind which will further help to reduce stress and anxiety in seniors.

6. Promotes Brain Health

Did you know that just immersing yourself in water increases blood flow to the brain? This will further improve memory power, mood, thinking and cognitive skills in general. Swimming is also helpful in repairing damage from stress and forging new neural connections in the brain. Researchers have said that swimmers are prone to have improved mental speed and attention compared to those who are non-swimmers.

Swimming regularly is an excellent form of exercise for promoting overall health and well-being. If you think you may be interested in moving to a senior retirement community in Chennai with ample amenities like a pool, spa and gym, you can visit us for a clear picture. Our senior living options and amenities are available for all residents so that they live tension-free and hassle-free. Call us on +91 99419 9555 to know about The Chennai Homes community.

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