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Assisted living is defined as a long-term care alternative that can provide support to your elderly loved ones with personal care and day-to-day activities. Majority of people have their own ideas and views about what senior living communities are and how they are. Most of us believe that senior living communities are interchangeable with the term nursing home care but they are actually two very different options for seniors above 60. Many leading senior living communities offer the best high-level healthcare services and assistance which is found in traditional nursing homes. Apart from this, communities also offer seniors so much more than mere age-related assistance.

Senior living today emphasizes greatly on the ideal senior lifestyle. Often, it takes a senior retirement community like The Chennai Homes to put forward the myths seniors believed about a community lifestyle. But we’re here to share the good news that senior assisted living is far beyond your expectations.

Myth 1: I Will Lose My Independence at a Senior Living Community

Many people confuse living independently with the need of living on their own. Even if you may no longer own a home you used to, life at a senior living retirement community can be as independent as you wish it to be. Residents of a community aren’t restricted to where they can go or what they want to do. Ideally, many seniors find that letting go of the responsibilities of home ownership  allows them the ability to finally live the way they have always wanted to! In addition to that, retirement communities like The Chennai Homes are packed with services and activities for seniors that provide countless opportunities for fun and relaxation.

Myth 2 – Senior Living Is More Expensive Than Living at Home

Families who are looking into senior living communities tend to get surprised by the monthly expenses. The cost varies depending on the size of the space, healthcare, food and all its services.  The average cost of senior living is often comparable or even less than getting the same services and support at home. It’s said that for those who have paid their existing mortgage, homeownership still continues to be costly. In senior living, you need to consider insurance, taxes, upkeep and repairs, utilities and emergency expenses. Everything is included at one convenient rate at a senior community along with the convenience of entertainment, social events, housekeeping and medical care support at your fingertips.

Myth 3: All Senior Living Communities Are The Same

This is definitely not true. Assisted living communities are based on many factors like the overall size and physical surroundings, availability of living options, and how extensive the care plans and amenities are. While some assisted living communities only offer limited services, others offer extra facilities with transportation and healthcare services for seniors who require more in-depth medical attention. At The Chennai Homes, we offer extensive services to make our community senior-safe and hassle-free during retirement. Seniors can reap the benefits of their golden years with the aid of 24/7 medical attention, experienced doctors and nurses along with special monthly check-ups.

Myth 4: Assisted Living Communities Are  For The Sick or Disabled.

The most prevalent myth about assisted living is actually not accurate. Although assisted living communities maintain an all-around staff of nursing professionals, they are definitely not the places where the disabled or sick people seek recovery. A residence is an assisted living community which is similar to living in an apartment — with services like “call for assistance” systems and 24/7 on-call physicians. Today’s senior assisted living are places where people go to maintain and improve their quality of life. This assistance helps to keep them independent for a longer duration.

Myth 5: Shifting To Assisted Living Will Make Memory Loss Worse

Memory loss is a common aging issue in seniors. For seniors who are experiencing memory issues, the idea of moving them to a new and initially unfamiliar environment may seem contradictory. But assisted senior living offers the best of both worlds: extensive memory care through round-the-clock doctors by monitoring what your loved one needs with the freedom and autonomy of living in a supportive and jovial environment. Assisted living gives seniors the opportunity to preserve their dignity and maintain their quality of life with the adequate support of professional caregivers and social services.
If you haven’t been convinced about the engaging lifestyles we provide for our residents at The Chennai Homes, we invite you over for a quick visit. Stay for a while and witness the atmosphere of our splendid community. Join our residents for any indoor games or watch our seniors showcasing their skills at a painting class. Come see the quality of senior living for yourself. To book an explanatory site visit, call us at +91 99419 95555.

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