5 Surprisingly Simple Ways to Keep In Touch With Your Elderly Loved Ones

Every day there is a new invention in technology that is changing the way we interact with the world and each other. Time and distance is no longer a hindrance in relationships with your loved ones. Staying in touch with your grandparents is easy when technology is made easy for seniors.

Here are our 5 suggestions to help you keep in touch with your loved ones using senior-friendly technology:

1. Facetime Your Grandparents

Technology these days help seniors live independently without having to miss their loved ones. After all, having a face to face conversation with your loved ones is just one video call away. Set up regular skype or facetime dates with your grandparents and catch them up on your life. Perhaps you can finally learn your grandma’s secret dinner recipe over a video call. Check our some senior-friendly video calling devices here:

2. Livestream Important Moments.

Video calls are not just for conversations, turn on your camera for live streaming from wherever you are. Your ageing parents will no longer be left out of important moments like when their grandchildren win a prize at school. Apple now allows you to group facetime upto 32 friends and family. So now you can facetime all grandparents at once.

3. Play An Online Game With Them

Do you miss board game nights with your grandparents? Don’t let the long distance stop you. Easy tech allows seniors and youth to connect over fun and games with just a smartphone. A 22-year-old could not have befriended an 81-year-old woman over a game of Words With Friends if the technology was not senior-friendly.

If board games are more your thing, why not play a game of chess with your grandfather on an AI-Powered Chess Board?

4. Share an online photo album

If there is one thing seniors love, it is looking at photographs of their children and grandchildren. With technology, physical photo albums have now gone digital. Start a shared folder on cloud storage to easily share photographs and videos to your loved ones. You could also gift your parents a digital photo frame that when connected to the internet will show them photographs from your cloud storage. To know more about how to preserve memories in the digital age, click here.

5. Be Aware Of Their Safety

Apart from communication, technology also helps seniors who live independently stay safe. If your senior parent stays alone, safety is always a cause of concern. There are many models of wireless camera systems that allow you to stay in touch with your grandparents in real time. This allows you to constantly check in on them and ensure they receive the care they need. Even your smart speaker technology like Google home and Amazon Echo can benefit your elderly parents & grandparents.

With most senior family members living in retirement homes or communities, it is important to ensure that the right technological support is made accessible for our aging parents and grandparents. Senior community homes like The Chennai Homes Aishwaryam, provide the additional support residents might require to stay connected with their loved ones.

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How do you connect with your parents or grandparents living away from you? Do their retirement community have special features that help you stay in touch? Do let us know in the comments below.

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