Retirement is a beautiful phase of life. It allows you to finally get some rest after years of toiling. To live a happy, healthy and secure retired life is something everyone yearns for. These blissful years comes with some solid planning and saving. During this stage, you might fall prey to certain retirement myths that

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Retirement doesn’t mean freedom, it generally means the start of a brand new journey. At The Chennai Homes, we have formulated a retirement financial planning checklist for you to work your way through a successful retirement. Take the right decision and form the right retirement financial planning when it comes to your retirement. 1. Set

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Not surprisingly, it takes more than simply saving enough money.   At first, this may seem like a rhetorical question. After all, you won’t have to work anymore. You will no longer have to deal with pressure, deadlines, performance reviews, demanding customers or annoying co-workers. You can shut off the alarm clock and get up

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