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Success can come to you at a later stage too and these people are proof

We have heard the statement ‘age is just a number’ over and over again. It has been proven to be true in the case of these late bloomers. They are testament to the fact that when you put your mind to it, anything can be achieved, and at any age. They have challenged the impossible to achieve their dreams when most of us would rather like to sit back and ponder about life.
Let’s look at some successful late bloomers and take a leaf or two from their good books for inspiration.

1. The Man Who Was Awarded A Ph.D. At The Age Of 90

School and exams are something we try to actively avoid. Paul Siromoni proved to our country and the world that age is not an excuse to not go back to school. He enrolled himself into a Ph.D. program at 90 and was awarded one after submitting several seminars, exams and papers. An iron determination, we say.

2. This Champion Proves To Us That It’s Never Too Late To Learn A New Skill

Dr. Bhagwati Oza was awarded the National Award for Older Persons for Sports and Adventure at the age of 79. She adds a new skill to her list every three years and believes it is never too late to start something new.

3. This World Famous Water Yogi Learnt Yoga At The Age Of 60

Mahesh Palta who suffered from arthritis and diabetes took to yoga and his passion for swimming to better himself. Famously known as ‘The Water Yogi’ he performs unbelievable asanas in the water. An example for young people to regularly exercise in order to stay fit and healthy.

4. Masters In Economics At The Age Of 97?

At the age of 97, Raj Kumar Vaishya gave his entrance exam for Masters in Economics. He has happened to have taken 23 additional papers for the same! While most of the students writing along with him were his grandchildren’s age, Raj Kumar has proved to us that education has no age bar.

5. This Marathon Champ Will Leave You Gasping For Breath

Fauja Singh took up running seriously at the age of 89. At the age of 93, he completed a marathon covering the 26.2-mile distance in 6 hours and 54 minutes! What are your plans when you turn 93?

The difference between doing something and not doing something only takes determination and will power. It is true that in one’s life, learning never stops and one should constantly equip themselves with knowledge and skills. The first step is always the hardest but once you reach the top, the view is all worth it.

Life at The Chennai Homes is all about making a difference in our residents’ lives. We are constantly trying to push the barrier for them in order to keep them active both physically and mentally.

What are your dreams? Let us know in the comments below.

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