How Can Seniors Practice Stress Management During COVID-19

The world has been turned upside down with the onset of the pandemic. It started somewhere in the last months of 2019 and is still going on until today. There is no clear end to this in the near future too. The virus causes upper and lower respiratory tract infections and seniors are at a higher risk of contracting it. 

It sure is a very stressful situation for all but seniors bare the brunt of the major portion of the stress due to their age. The current situation might result in increasing anxiety in elders. Worry is a component of anxiety and this might cause changes in sleep patterns, eating patterns, fatigue and irritability in elders. This takes a toll on their mental and physical health. 

Why is building resilience and stress management in elders important? 

  • Reducing anxiety and learning how to cope with stress can have many positives in the day-to-day functioning in elders.
  • Stress management in the elderly can help them feel better and reestablish control in them.
  • It can help them concentrate and focus better.
  • Improves their immune response and reduces the negative health outcomes caused due to stress.

How can elders cope with stress? 

  • Seniors must take a news and social media detox. Continuously hearing or reading about the pandemic can cause unnecessary stress which can be avoided. They can keep themselves informed but it is advisable not to get too engrossed in it.
  • They can practise mindfulness and living in the present. It allows them to calm down and consciously accept the present situation.
  • They must take time to unwind- work on a new hobby, read a new book, watch a funny television show or start a new series or simply take a nap.
  • They can keep in touch with their family and friends via phone calls or video calls.
  • Stress management for the elderly is important and they can continue to maintain the basics – exercise, stretch, go for a nice long walk or take guided meditations.

Coping with stress and knowing how to control it is linked to bringing in positive changes like reducing forgetfulness, increasing learning and taking control of emotions. Considerable research has demonstrated the benefits of stress management in easing pain (both physical and mental), improving concentration, and relieving a variety of other symptoms.

At The Chennai Homes, we are well aware of the current situation and see to that our elders’ spirits are always kept high. Stress management for the elderly is our top priority. Our community is tight-knit and we have multiple activities that our seniors can take part in to keep their mind and body active. We make sure that they are always in touch with their loved ones. Our medical staff is continuously on rounds, making sure that their health is in top condition. Our staff is present at the campus at all times and are available whenever the seniors need them. We can proudly say that our staff is doing an excellent job in helping our beloved seniors keep healthy and always smiling. Do you know anyone that can join our community or do you want to know more about us? Reach out to us at +91 99419 95555 and our personnel will be happy to help you.

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