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Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome

Identity is everything. We are identified as someone’s child, someone’s partner, someone’s parent. It is what gives us purpose. The roles we play end up being our identity. So it won’t be faux if parenting can be called as the toughest and time-consuming role than any other. Such a role comes with a great responsibility of seeing the children leave the nests to fly higher and achieve their dreams. It’s especially hard for full-time parents

It’s important that we address the serious issue seen in most of the Indian parents – Empty Nest Syndrome – and give you best ways to overcome it.

What Is Empty Nest Syndrome?

A feeling of grief and loneliness parents may feel when their children leave home for the first time, such as to live on their own or to attend a college or university or in Indian parents’ case, leave abroad for work or study or married off. It is not a clinical condition yet it could lead to depression.

Empty Nest

The Reason

The routine is broken and their purpose of being a parent is cut-short abruptly. They feel like they’ve been “fired”. It’s not easy to get used to the empty chair at the dinner table. It is, in fact, a bittersweet feeling which gives way to frustrating & contradicting emotions,
Empty nest psychology is based on the fact that there will be an empty feeling that hits the parents when they’re child leaves home.

How To Overcome it?

1. Enjoying And Accepting Personal Space: Acknowledging your problems is the first step. When you realize that you are feeling lonely, consider it as your “Me” time. it’s time for you to enjoy your personal space. Doing what you’ve always wanted to do without the responsibility of taking care of a family, might surprisingly prove to be liberating.

2. Seek New Things: As hard as it is to accept, life must go on. It must be lived and to the fullest too. Divert your attention to learning. Teach yourself different things. Get a hobby! Though it may sound flimsical, that’s the truth. Sit down and learn what you want. You’ve got all the time in the world.

3.Get Friends Your Own Age: It might sound like a bully’s line but we say it with no malice, whatsoever. We want you to be happy. Friendship is the only relationship that doesn’t have an expiry date. Yes, Family Comes First. But some friendships are so strong that they become something beyond a family, they become something that cannot be put under a tag.

The best way to do this would be to join a retirement community. In terms of meeting like-minded people, it is just like joining a prayer group or a book reading session. The difference is that you’ll have a lot more fun.

Most of the retirement homes can provide you with your needs right From personal assistance to entertaining you in healthy intervals.

India is the home of a lot of empty nesters but they are afraid to confront it as a feeling let alone accept it. Removing the taboo of mental illnesses is far beyond what Indians are ready to take on. And it’s beyond our power too. So, let’s try doing what those hip t-shirts that say “Taking on the world, one step at a time.”

Let’s live our lives in spite of everything. That’s the end goal.


At The Chennai Homes, we respect our residents as one of our own and give them everything we can to make them happy. Comfort and care are etched in those bricks that we built. We hope that we meet your expectations for a comfortable and luxurious retirement home.

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