The Importance of Senior Nutrition: Ways To Pick Healthier Food As you Grow Old

Nutrition For Elderly

A healthier person is always a happier one. But, as one ages it becomes obvious that the food with the necessary nutrition for the elderly differs vastly from the usual diet. Though other problems that affect the mental health like empty nest syndrome are steadily growing, it is essential to take care of the vessel that carries the mind to better protect it.

One of the main things is that their meal planning should strongly consider all the foods elderly should avoid and form proper guidelines for them to follow. With that in mind, The Chennai Homes has put together a few points that must be considered for the proper intake of nutrition for elderly.

1. Know How Your Plate Should Look –

If you are a resident in a retirement community like that of The Chennai Homes, then following a set diet becomes very easy since the in-home dieticians will calculate the amount of calories that you should take and how. They will personalize it to fit all of your shortcomes, with detailed precisions, even taking your allergies into consideration. For the others, there is a simple diet that can help you with it that was created by National Council of aging.

Click here to view the document ondaily servings for men and women over 50.

2. Find The Nutrients That You Need The Most –

“1 out of every 4 seniors suffer from inadequate nutrition.”

The best and the easiest way to determine your daily plate that is filled with the nutrition for the elderly is to make sure it’s a rainbow, because bright colored foods can never go wrong!

A healthy meal plan should include lean protein, fruits and vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy. Choosing food that are low in sodium or salt and high in fiber also helps. A portion dedicated for Vitamin D would be appreciated by your body.

3. Strengthen Your Immune System –

As one grows older, the biggest problem would be to run away from new diseases and health problems. An iron-clad immune system is a must to help with the nutrition for elders.

Protein is your best bet at doing that. If your body lacks protein, it is difficult to maintain strong muscles, fight infection or heal. Meal planning guidelines for elderly says that one should consume approximately six ounces of protein daily.

4. Water, And Yes, That’s All It Takes –

Food for elderly must be administered carefully with precision considering all the complications it may bring. But sometimes the most complicated of problems have the most simplest of answers. Staying hydrated, though generic and overused, is in fact the secret to a healthier and happier life. But watch out for Tea or Coffee (Say no to Caffeine & Sugar!). Though they are fluids, they contain sugar and it is advisable to lessen its consumption as you grow old.

Following a diet plan especially made for you could be hard to follow at first. But considering the long-term benefit, it’s definitely worth it.


At The Chennai Homes, we make sure that our residents feel our genuine care for them, we reflect in our actions with a state-of-the-art kitchen and an In-home dietitian who provides personalized diet plans for each of our residents. We promise complete care and we constantly work to fulfill it. We hope you age healthily and happily! Thank you for reading!

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