Why NRIs Are Opting To Invest In Retirement Homes In India?

How have retirement homes in India changed the way seniors live?

Fifteen to twenty years ago, if you’d have taken a survey in India about their parents living separately in households, the answer would have been a big no. Today, that pattern has changed. Children move out of their homes for education, work and sometimes move overseas to settle down, seeking a better standard of living for them and the family. This forces the parents to live alone but old age inevitably comes with a set of challenges. This is the main reason seniors are transitioning to retirement homes in India.

This has become a niche trend with several big names in the real estate industry venturing into this market. NRIs are looking to invest in these projects not only in metropolitan cities but also in smaller towns.

What do today’s retirement living stats look like?

Today, India has 98 million people over the age of 60 living here. The number is likely to be doubled by 2030! NRIs are looking to invest either for their personal use in a decade or 2 or for providing their parents with a retirement life that is completely taken care of, in their absence. Affordability is also a main factor for NRIs to invest in retirement homes in India.

Things to be aware of:

One important thing NRIs must be aware of is not all retirement homes in India offer luxury stay as per international standards. The location, amenities and services offered greatly differ from place to place. NRI investors must do their homework before investing in a retirement home.

The Chennai Homes is managing such a community. The moment you step into The Chennai Homes, located on ECR, you will realize that it can pass off as a college hostel.

Why The Chennai Homes?

A neatly maintained gated property with mowed lawns and row villas, you will expect this to be a resort away from the city for a quick getaway. Instead, you are welcomed by a sight that will put a smile on your face. Here, you find senior citizens living their best life. Filled with activities and things to do, you will find the seniors active, doing yoga in one corner of the property, a bunch of seniors practising laughing therapy, even a grandmothers group knitting and chatting away in the garden.

Choose the best place for your golden years

No senior is left to loneliness or alienation, giving space for them to have a social life. This keeps their mental health in check. It is a luxury retirement home with all amenities and services provided inside the campus. It is affordable, self-sustained and provides 24×7 care to the seniors. The senior citizens are safe, secure and all their needs are taken care of. The big stigma around senior retirement homes is now gone.

This premium retirement community has been up and running since 2013. It was established by professionals with a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector. Located on ECR, at Kottaikadu, this serene location ensures that the seniors have a tranquil and peaceful life away from the chaos of the city. Each villa here has all the facilities within it and every villa is built keeping senior-friendly infrastructure in mind. Over the years, the community has grown strong.

What is so different at The Chennai Homes?

Since its inception 6 years ago, The Chennai Homes has housed about 100 senior citizens. Managed by a strong and delicate team of individuals, this is a completely self-sustained luxury old age home in India that can be bought by seniors. This is a growing concept that is being embraced across all cities in India today and has started investing in a retirement home.

Unlike other retirement homes in India, here, there will always be someone for you to help with housekeeping, check on you and your health, provide assisted care when needed and provide you with healthy and dietician prescribed meals. Once you are here, you need not worry about a thing in the world and focus on spending your golden years like it’s meant to be – happy & satisfied!

Why don’t you give us a call today to learn more?

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Let me know the rates


    The Chennai Homes

    Thank you for your interest in Aishwaryam. Kindly provide us with your mail ID or contact number, our sales team will get in touch with you shortly or you can get in touch with us @ 9941995555



I would like to know about retirement homes. Where is it situated.do u have one in Bangalore?


    The Chennai Homes

    Thank you for your interest in Aishwaryam. Kindly provide us with your mail ID or contact number, our sales team will get in touch with you shortly or you can get in touch with us @ 9941995555

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