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As seniors age, they witness many mobility issues which restrict their movement, making it difficult for them to cope up with the surrounding. In order to take care of older adults, the home environment should be safe which is an essential factor for senior safety. It’s also necessary to have adequate elderly care at your homes. With a growing number of elders living independently and even at retirement homes, it’s increasingly important to make sure that they’re safe and secured where they stay.  It is not always because the home itself is considered unsafe, it could probably be due to lack of decreased mobility, instability issues and vision problems. So the need to implement senior safety measures at home becomes all the more required now. Fortunately, while aging is inevitable, accidents, injuries and fatal mishaps in the household can be easily prevented. There are a few things that elders and their families can have installed into their homes to make them safer.


1. Ensure You Have A Safe Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the riskiest rooms in a senior’s home. Falls and scalding often occur here due to wet floors. To ensure your loved one’s safety, make sure that you address the following issues:

  1. Make sure you install grab bars in the shower and beside the toilet.
  2. The thermostat on the water heater should not go higher than 120° F to prevent accidental burns.
  3. Put rubber mats in the bathtub to prevent slipping.
  4. Place a special bathing chair especially in the tub.

2. Keep Emergency Numbers In Handy

Consider a basic and easy-to-understand model. Seniors can find many options as confusing, costly, and completely unnecessary. Equip the feature for larger keypad numbers and a display window that will be easier to press and see. You can also set up a “call display” feature on a telephone. Aging brains can’t always remember emergency information. So make sure that they have the numbers logged onto their telephones.

3. Safety-Proof Your Home

Make sure all the rooms, hallways, stairs, and paths are well lit and clear of objects such as books, toys or shoes. Use rails and banisters when going up and down the stairs. Never place scatter rugs at the bottom or top of stairs. Tape all area rugs to the floor so they do not move when you walk on them.

4. Assess Your Lighting Properly

Aging in seniors leads to improper vision or hindered eyesight. Seniors have a chance to misjudge or completely avoid darkened areas in their own homes.

  1. You need to replace any burnt-out light bulbs.
  2. Install new and bright light fixtures.
  3. Remember to install motion detection lighting inside and outside the home.
  4. Test all lighting by standing in one corner of a room, look across the room, and try to see a clear path.

5. Check With Your Seniors Frequently

Lastly and most importantly, check for the safety of your loved ones. You, your loved one’s neighbors, and a professional caregiver can help to make sure they are safe. Make them feel secured, cared and show them you love them by continuously attending to their needs.

Your home is ticked senior-safe if all the above-mentioned points are already there in your home. If not, then you might want to consider it for your loved senior’s safety. We at The Chennai Homes have equipped our retirement homes with the most relaxed, calm, and senior-friendly atmosphere. Starting from in-house doctors and care-takers to installing grab bars in the toilet, we constantly strive to put our best efforts into making those golden years of utmost satisfaction and comfort. The moment you step into our community, you can never let go of the senior care ambiance. To know more about our facilities, call us at +91 99419 95555 for more information.

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Nagarajan K V

Would like to have more details like the location, type of accommodation, cost of accommodation, monthly charges etc. For consideration, as I am looking for a suitable one for me and my Wife.


Suseela G

For a single woman aged79 years to stay in your home what will be charges payable by her first and monthly recurring payment to be made



Informative, useful thanks


Sarangapani Gothandaraman

Without telling to my better half I took her to Chennai Homes at Kottaikadu. On seeing the board i.e.,senior citizen’s retirement home she was shocked and reluctant to enter inside. After a great persuation we got in for a trail stay. We stayed for two days. Everything changed all on a sudden. On seeing the environment she was very happy.She is very much attached to gardening and on seeing the rose and other plants her happiness enhanced.She was very satisfied by tastefull food. Then, she understood it is a HEAVEN ON EARTH for senior citizens. Slowly,I am bringing her to a compromise. We are expecting an earlier opportunity to be a part of that community. Our best wishes to the staff and management of Chennai Homes.


evans watts

im alone after my wife’s demise. let me know the facilities , food , medical care and monthly expenses etc. my age is 77yrs. heart patient after CABG, Diabetics and BP.
Kindly respond. im at Selaiyur near Tambaram.
email:: evanswatts@yahoo.com cell 9884257380

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