How To Take Care Of Eyes In The Elderly?

In any society, it’s the elderly population who are considered a source of great wisdom, knowledge, and pride. As elders age, they are more prone to develop systemic health problems like high blood pressure, cholesterol, heart disease or diabetes. It’s vital to remember that such diseases can seriously damage the eyes as well and hinder eyesight. One warning signal of both high blood pressure and diabetes is blurring or frequent changes in vision. Many eye diseases like cataracts, Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD) and glaucoma are more common in older adults. Comorbidities like diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease increase the risk of aging eye diseases.

What must one do to ensure better vision as one ages?

1. Frequent eye exams

Annual eye check-up with an ophthalmologist is important and cannot be overemphasized in this age group. It’s not only important as it can pick up diseases like cataracts, AMD, and glaucoma in the initial stages but even can help provide insight into systemic conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

2. Wear Your Prescribed Glasses

Most seniors, as they age, require reading glasses for near and distance. Wearing them frequently empowers better vision, resulting in a decrease in falls and harmful accidents. If seniors with low vision do not get better vision despite effective medical and surgical interventions, then the eye doctor needs to prescribe low vision aids to ensure the independent functioning of the individual.

3. Keep Up a Good Balanced Diet

Many doctors prescribe diets that include kale, salmon, oranges, nuts, and black-eyed peas that will benefit both the heart and eyes. Also, foods that include the nutrient beta-carotene can help protect your night vision. Look for orange-colored foods like oranges, carrots, sweet potatoes, cantaloupes, and even apricots. 

4. Reduce Regular Screen Timing

Elders are not supposed to stare at a phone, television, or computer screen as it can cause severe eye strain. It’s recommended to give the eyes a break during the day and even at night. Practice a simple and effective rule called the 20-20-20 rule. After every 20 minutes, try taking a 20-second break, and keep looking at something at least 20 feet away for some time. This trick will help keep the strain on your eyes in proper check.

5. Incorporate A Healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet including lots of leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, fish, and vegetables provides all the required nutrients not only for the eyes but for the entire body. Exercise is a must for maintaining general physical health and keeping diseases at bay. Since our eyes are just like the rest of the body, they too require proper blood circulation and oxygen intake along with frequent exercise that stimulates both.

The above-mentioned points are beneficial for maintaining good vision, enhancing eye health, and keeping eye diseases at bay. At The Chennai Homes community, we have well-experienced doctors, nurses, and caretakers who are always ready to help in case of any ailments. We are a senior-friendly community where a healthy lifestyle with a well-balanced diet and senior-safe exercises can keep you fit and happy. Consult with our experts +91 99419 95555 to know more about  The Chennai Homes Aishwaryam.

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