How Music Can Support Mental Health in Aging -

A very powerful and expressive tool, Music helps to conjure up many memories. Even when you forget many details of any occasion or event, a certain familiar song from the event can bring back a lot of memories. Often we find ourselves humming to songs that we thought were forgotten. It’s true that lyrics and tunes sometimes get stuck in our mind rather than facts and figures. Just like the younger generation, music has its own benefits for older adults as it boosts mood and helps in keeping their minds active. Below we mention some advantages music has for older adults during ageing:-

1. Helps In Mental stimulation

It’s not necessary to be a professionally trained musician to reap the benefits of playing music. Do you know that sitting down and plucking the guitar strings or tapping into piano keys can be a great mental workout that eases out all tension? Reading about music and bringing the song to life can keep the brain active and running. It also promotes focus and more awareness about surroundings.

2. Acts As A Mood booster

Music can uplift anyone’s mood in no time! Every mood has a favorite song of its own. Just hearing songs on the radio or speaker can turn anyone’s day around like no other. Search for peppy and uplifting songs to promote happy good feelings within you. Seniors can also sing along with the songs they hear and can help them to socialize with others. Music is a form of expression that can make you feel happier and positive for the day.

3. A Very Relaxing activity

For seniors who have been suffering from dementia, music can act as a calming agent and help reduce stress and unnecessary agitation. Connections can be made by plating familiar songs that can also lead to socializing with people or places from their past. Make sure to choose songs that evoke happy memories, or that it’s familiar enough to sing along to together.

4. Motivates to Move Around

Exercise is another form of physical activity that can be made fun by some music. Dancing on a beat or working out to a fun song is also good. Listening to music that plays in the background can also be fun and can keep the brain relaxed. It also helps seniors to focus on a particular activity. A slow song during stretching or balancing is also ideal and while doing workouts like cardio or dancing or something intense you can try upbeat or motivational.

5. Makes For A Conversation Starter

Music helps connect many people. Having a conversation about music can be a wonderful way to connect to socialize with others and can help tackle loneliness. The conversation can be around discussing favorite singers, bands or songs. There are many possibilities when it comes to discussing music that can help connect people together.

Music’s effect is so deeply embedded in everyone’s lives that it always continues to be a comforting and relaxing activity. Music therapy has even become an effective treatment plan for older adults. At a comforting retirement like ours, seniors are exposed to various wellness workshops that aid in mental and physical relaxation. A community surrounded by a soothing atmosphere, friendly neighbours and green surroundings awaits at The Chennai Homes. Call us +91 99419 95555. and we will be happy to walk you through our community.

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