Facts about Assisted Living

Assisted Living – a system of housing and limited care that is designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require care in a nursing home.

Assisted living is associated with comfortable and community living. That is what attracted most of the senior community towards it.

Studies are showing that many older adults are making this move to assisted living that offers the care they need while still providing a safe environment that fosters flexibility, comfort, and fun. A retirement heaven is what it is.

Those are not the only reasons why one should opt for assisted living. We have some interesting facts on assisted living, that gives answers to all of your questions.

Why Assisted Living?

1. The Cost-Effective Option Of Retirement Living

When the cost of assisted living was compared to that of a nursing home, assisted living won hands-down because of it’s low-cost yet quality service. The thing with this type of living is that it puts care & comfort over money. And retirement homes like The Chennai Homes are one of the best place to retire in India since they are known for their exceptional attention and care towards their residents.

2. Living In A Community

The number of senior citizens who live alone have considerably reduced due to assisted living. This kind of community living gives them the freedom and the social interaction that they need and crave.

Living in a senior community that provides assisted living could make you and your spouse feel comfortable and one with the society, since the lack of major responsibilities after retirement can make one feel redundant.

3. Assisted Living Is Simply The Better Choice

59 out of 100 people, while searching for nursing homes, end up coming to the conclusion that assisted living is better than nursing homes. An assessment by a care professional can help you to identify what level of care is needed and if assisted living is the best choice.

After the assessment, choosing the right retirement home is important too.

4. Memory Care

A person diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer can be difficult, and it’s possible that many might assume, finding quality care & comfort outside of treatment centers or nursing homes to be challenging.

But in reality, communities like The Chennai Homes offer proper memory care programs that help to decrease the agitation, wandering and other side effects. They also provide exclusive, safe and comfortable accommodations.

5. The Future Of Senior Care

Retirement communities like The Chennai Homes have grown substantially to provide for their residents. Assisted living for a retired person is a responsibility less life with the freedom they crave and the care they need. It is considered the future of senior care because of its popularity among the senior community.


Come to The Chennai Homes, if you’re one among the souls that crave a life that they desire. If any of these facts seemed interesting to you, do comment your thoughts below. And if you have any queries, don’t be shy, contact us. We await your feedback!

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Pl send me detailed brochure.


Rathakrishnan vn

We myself and my wife are aged 81ad78 year.mywife is dementia patient.we need details for living there. Thanks


    Yashika Sruthi S

    Hi Sir, Thank you for messaging us. It would be great if you could send us your details so one of our team members can contact you & explain the prices and details of our amenities. You can fill up your details in the link below. Thank you so much & Have A Nice Day!

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