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Everyone considers physical fitness important to stay healthy. But we should also know that for the body to function effectively, the brain should be fit too. Mental health is as important as physical fitness. As seniors age, we notice signs of weak memory, forgetfulness, nerve disorder, etc in them. Seniors need to keep their cognitive health in check since such mental symptoms can lead to severe mental ailments like Alzheimer’s disease. Another mental threat to senior citizens is dementia that deteriorates the brain leading to forgetfulness, confusion, inability to speak and difficulty in solving small problems. The right senior care starts with mental health. Things you’re already doing every day may count as brain games, like crossword puzzles and word searches. Indulging in brain games is not only effective in the long run but can also prevent harmful brain damage.

What are the different types of brain games seniors can enjoy?

  • Sudoku – An excellent game for seniors that helps preserve logical thinking skills and mental abilities.
  • Puzzles – Puzzles like word games or jigsaw are ideal for seniors to aid in concentration, logical reasoning and engagement.
  • Arts & craftss – Not a game, but is considered very helpful in keeping the mind creative and actively functioning.
  • Chess – When played together, chess has proven to be helpful in memory boost and problem-solving skills.
  • Bingo – A great game for social interaction is helpful in boosting engagement when played in groups.

What are the benefits of brain games for seniors?

  • Stimulates the brain cells – Enjoyable challenges like puzzles are considered connection games that are good for stimulating the brain cells. They keep the brain buzzing and is kind of a mental workout for the brain. To enjoy connection games more often, you can even put a timer to the thinking which not only helps the brain to act together but also helps to act faster keeping the brain cells healthy and active.
  • Boosts memory – Sudoku and crossword games are reminder games based on already acquired knowledge. These games not only help in recalling but are also good for knowing new things. Learning new words, their definitions, its usage, etc is beneficial for seniors in such games. Targeting memory and attention, it’s also ideal for acquiring focus and good concentration.
  • Improves cognitive skills – Simple card games such as Poker, Solitaire and Memory Match can help improve in stabilizing cognitive function in seniors. Card games are ideal for stimulating parts of the brain responsible for logical problem-solving and memory retention along with other functions. Play such games with your close ones so that it’s more fun and engaging.
  • Aids in creative thinking – Skills like arts and crafts are good for developing creative ideas. These can be taken up as hobbies for seniors to stay engaged and show their creative side to others. Creating things is not only an excellent way to use your imagination but can also help to maintain dexterity in hands and fingers whilst creating bespoke items for the home or simple gifts.
  • Creates engagement and fun – Games are fun. Games are engaging. As seniors age, they often tend to know less of the growing world and feel left behind in modern times. However, a fun game of two or three or even with a group is great for jokes, laughter and quality time with loved ones. Happiness is important in a senior’s life since it keeps them calm, active and away from mental diseases.

Quality living is the ideal way to live. It can be acquired through many activities like yoga, meditation, swimming, etc to stay healthy. Board games are one such example.

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