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Retirement Myths

Retirement is a beautiful phase of life. It allows you to finally get some rest after years of toiling. To live a happy, healthy and secure retired life is something everyone yearns for. These blissful years comes with some solid planning and saving. During this stage, you might fall prey to certain retirement myths that

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How To Save For Retirement

After years and years of hard work, you finally are ready to put your legs up and announce to the world that you’re retired. Retirement is good but have you saved enough to sustain for the next whatever years? Retirement need not be difficult. A blissful life after 60 can be completely hassle-free and relaxed

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Home Loan For Pensioners

If you’ve been there, don’t that, you probably know difficult it is to obtain a home loan even for working individuals. For a retiree or a pensioner, it is very difficult to procure a home loan. The bank or the authority generally doesn’t want to lend out money to them as they almost have no

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Retirement Financial Planning

Retirement doesn’t mean freedom, it generally means the start of a brand new journey. At The Chennai Homes, we have formulated a retirement financial planning checklist for you to work your way through a successful retirement. Take the right decision and form the right retirement financial planning when it comes to your retirement. 1. Set

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Nutrition For Elderly

A healthier person is always a happier one. But, as one ages it becomes obvious that the food with the necessary nutrition for the elderly differs vastly from the usual diet. Though other problems that affect the mental health like empty nest syndrome are steadily growing, it is essential to take care of the vessel

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Best Time To Retire

When do you plan to retire? If you’re thinking “soon”, then consider these factors on what really is the best time to retire, before you take any decisions But If you’re already retired then, click here to know the simplest ways you could lead a happy retired life by overcoming empty nest syndrome. Best age

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Investing In Retirement Communities

In a real estate market that’s slowly accelerating this year after a bumpy 2017, retirement homes in India are gaining a lot of traction and are emerging as one of the best investments in 2018. Longer lifespans, growing number of nuclear families and swelling wealth levels are the driving factors. With India’s greying 60-plus population

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average cost of assisted living

Surveys across India have predominantly conveyed that Chennai is a prudent choice for retired life. Chennai Homes Aishwaryam is one such exemplary place for seniors to live in love and care. In the present day of burgeoning dependent population, affordable assisted living for seniors is in high demand. One can relate to this system of

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what to look for in a retirement home

The Chennai Homes is back to assist you. Because we have here another set of questions to ask your retirement community. Click here to read part 1 of the FAQs about your retirement community. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1. Can the kitchen provide special meals per dietary restrictions as needed? It is, in fact, our specialty

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Questions To Ask Retirement Community

Choosing a retirement home might feel like God himself is testing your patience. There is always one problem or the other, conveniently for them, you realize it only after buying the house. Here are some of the questions that we, at The Chennai Homes get from smart buyers who are ready to choose the right

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