3 Reasons Why Chennai Is The Best Place To Retire In India

Best Place To Retire In India

Chennai – house of thousands and home for millions. It is praised as the place of perfect harmony. People from all over India reside here as one in this one city. Probably, the most versatile metro city you’ll ever visit. With all sorts of resources available readily, Chennai is the most sought-after city to settle down. The Times of India says that “Chennai is retirement haven for the elderly”

This is easier said than done. For a place to be considered as THE best place for retiring there are certain conditions to be met. And Chennai is the best place to retire in India for NRIs and their families, is probably not surprising at all.

Chennai is the home to migrants from across the country with a strong cultural core, stopping it from becoming a generic mixture of ideologies.

Below are the Top 3 Reasons Why Chennai Is What It Is And Why You Should Retire Here:


Chennai is not called as India’s Health Capital for nothing. Healthcare in Chennai is provided by both government-run and private hospitals. About 45 percent of health tourists arrive from abroad along with 30-40 percent domestic health tourists.

The main reason for this tourists’ inflow in the city includes low costs, little to no waiting period and facilities offered at the specialty in the city.

Another notable point here would be that there are special amenities and healthcare schemes that are specially designed for the elders. Many Retirement homes in Chennai has adopted the concept of ‘ageing in place’ which makes their whole infrastructure an “elder-friendly” place.


It get a little bit lonely – Let’s swallow that bitter pill first. Because this is not a “News Flash” rather a “Forbidden Fact” that everyone tries to evade. But it must be said and done with. It’s normal to feel lonely, irrespective of your age. Trying to overcome it is part of the deal of being human. Living a life filled with people who respects and appreciates you is the most important thing.

After retirement, this becomes a problem because, in reality, it’s not as easy to get friends as it was in our teens. So a community of like-minded people having fun together sounds mighty fine. It makes the awkward hellos into hi-fiving each other on a joke you shared.


The best season is when there is a light drizzle and the whole city is just aesthetically pleasing. There is also the calming and peaceful rainy seasons with active and bright summers. ?This kind of weather helps elders who are susceptible to cold

Though Chennai is well-known for its merciless summers, it depends on your retirement homes’ infrastructure.

Like The Chennai Homes, one among the best retirement homes in Chennai where there is plenty of trees, providing shade and cool air all year around. The whole project is dedicated to the care and comfort of the residents.

All things said and done, what matters most is what you really want.

Retirement is a long highway of uninfluenced choices.

All you have to do is make sure that when the road ends, you won’t regret not exploring enough paths.

“The Chennai Homes is a retirement community that is specifically structured to fit the needs of the retired elders and caters to their every needs and necessity.”

The Chennai Homes – Aishwaryam,
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Kottaikadu Village
Cheyyur taluk ,
Kancheepuram district – 603304
TamilNadu, India
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