A collaboration between social media and elders was always a rare occurrence. Or so they said. Because time moves fast and unless we start running it would leave us behind.

But that’s not the only reason that today’s elders must learn the art that is social media. The benefits of social media for seniors surpasses the “need to be updated on the newest trends”.

And it’s not far away, the vision of a new India with social media benefiting the older generation. Although, more than 90 percent of young people are on social media, a study released in 2015 by Pew Research Center found that 35 percent of adults over the age of 65 years said that they too are using social media now.

The fact remains that social media is not just for passing (or wasting) time. It is beneficial in more than one ways including building relationships, staying connected with their families and also for learning new things.

We are not gonna honey-glaze it, there’s no such thing as easy learning. The difficulty is an inherent part of learning new things. But it isn’t impossible.

So let us delve deeper into how social media helps the senior community:

1. No More “I Forgot Where I Kept My Glasses”

Learning a new skill can be challenging intellectually, like we said already. And since social media is a whole new world, it is a challenge one should dare to take on, it really helps improve the health of seniors.

This was proved by a study, made in the UK. Adults over the age of 65 were studied over the course of two years. Some were given computer training while others were not. The former group showed an improvement in their “mental and physical capabilities”.

With age comes many difficulties especially health-wise. It is important to protect our mind and body to our best ability. And if the influence of social media on senior adults this much advantageous, then why not do it?

2. Keep Loneliness Away And Enjoy Your Retirement

Using social media to connect with your old friends, to stay in touch with your children and grandchildren and to meet new people are just some of the many things that can keep the loneliness away.

Older adults and social media are like paintings. When the work is in progress you get doubts and question yourself whether it’ll turn out good, but everytime to your surprise, it does come out well. Such is your relationship with social media. Give it time, and it’ll all work out.

The important thing to consider while using them is that they help you to connect faster with your friends and family for emergencies and also because you just miss them. Although it may not come close to the satisfaction that the traditional way of communication gives, it’s quicker and can get rid of the distance between loved ones very easily.

Click to know about the advantages of being in and owning a retirement home.

3. All Work & No Play, Makes Jack An Utterly Bored Boy

Entertaining media content is the main source of fun for everyone. And many of us can agree, that social media is the go-to place for that. Seniors can watch YouTube videos, get on a Video call with their grandchildren who may be far away, play games, shop, and read the latest news articles while they browse online.

They can use it to lookup hotspots for traveling or the best place to retire in India. Anything and everything to let them enjoy their life in just a tap. Such is the power of social media.

Now you can Embrace aging too using these simple steps and feel young forever!

For a senior who is retired, many possibilities pop-up but to take them and change them to chances is in their own hands. Rather rolling their eyes at youngsters who overuse social media, they can join in with them; monitor and control their use while learning a thing or two.

Most of the time, retired senior looks for a place where they can rest, have fun, meet like-minded people and live without responsibilities. social media make it easier for them to find the best place that has everything that they need.

Right from 24/7 medical attention to recreational workshops, a retirement community must be built with the mindset of providing care and comfort.
The Chennai Homes promise that environment and more. The morning walks that is both refreshing and healthy, a recreational hall to celebrate your birthdays and festivals, swimming pool and a clinic that has available on-call doctors ready to serve you.

These are only some of the facilities that Chennai Homes is ready to offer you.

We are not asking you to live with us, we are asking you to choose the lifestyle that you rightfully deserve.

The Chennai Homes – Aishwaryam,
Plot no: 57, East coast road,
Kottaikadu Village
Cheyyur taluk ,
Kancheepuram district – 603304
TamilNadu, India
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