Are Retirement Homes A Good Investment?

In a real estate market that’s slowly accelerating this year after a bumpy 2017, retirement homes in India are gaining a lot of traction and are emerging as one of the best investments in 2018. Longer lifespans, growing number of nuclear families and swelling wealth levels are the driving factors. With India’s greying 60-plus population touted to breach the 173 million mark by 2025, swarms of people are considering investing in retirement communities like Chennai Homes, as a viable option. But are they the right/good investment?

Three-Fold Decision

Retirement communities are primarily branched in two – independent living for active senior citizens and assisted living for those who need help. An independent living community provides all basic amenities like food, housekeeping, basic medical help, clubhouses and recreational activities, while an assisted living set-up adds nurses, an on-call-doctor and ambulances to the services. Apart from all these amenities, retirement homes are turning out to be excellent investments this year. Buying a home in a retirement community comes with its own perks However, your decision to invest in retirement homes depends on three key factors.


These homes are typically 10-25% costlier than traditional residential units, owing to additional facilities but we also have some affordable opportunities. A chunk of the younger population is fast moving abroad or to other cities for work, and another chunk is breaking up the joint-family system, both of which affect old parents. If you belong to either category, you may feel solitude, safety and security for your parents are reasons to jointly decide and invest in retirement communities. So, as an end-use purpose, buying is wise. Not only are they safe but they’re also great investments to make money.

Demand & Supply-Based

Return on investment (ROI) can be a strong impetus for buying, but in a nascent market, it’s hard to gauge ROI because of demand and supply. Currently, because of the dearth of these homes, the demand is high. With the aging population, demand is expected to increase, so good returns can be expected. As of now in ground level, retirement homes are one of the best investments to make a good ROI in future.


Most people in India hand down property to their children, which is fine, but they won’t be able to live in retirement homes until they turn 55-60. Because of this, buying appeals less to a section of sexagenarians. But if you are a senior NRI citizen with deep pockets, you may look past this and spark off the trend of buying a home in a retirement community.

Let go of the fears of senior living and move ahead to invest in a retirement community. The advantages of buying senior housing in a retirement community like Chennai Homes outweigh the other real estate options, making it one of the best investments to make money.

Considering the first two factors, retirement homes are one of the best investments for senior citizens. Although the market is still in its embryonic stage, retirement homes are generally an excellent choice for investment.

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