Is aging in place a risk for retirees?

Is aging in place a risk to our health? The key to prevention is through socialization

Are you approaching retirement age? Has the thought of where you would be living after retirement crossed your mind yet? There are two broad answers to the question. It’s either at your place or at a retirement community.

This question almost seems obvious and one to ask your parents or the elderly people in your life. The general stats have shown that 90% of people choose to age at home. Studies have also shown that the signs of depression and loneliness are high among retirees who choose to live alone. If you’re planning to live as a retiree either at your home or at a retirement home, it entails certain factors like financial planning and general physical health.

If you are falling in the 90% bracket, there are a few things you need to think about.

What is your health like at this point?
Will you be able to sustain on your own in the long run?

As you age and if and when the complications arise, the surroundings of your home should be capable of giving you a comfortable and danger-free lifestyle. By this we mean, extensive renovations like attaching grabs, lowering the shelves, adding a ramp, etc around the house if you choose to age in place. One might also have to start thinking about changes in diet as the age factor kicks in.

Retirees generally find it difficult to do everything on their own and independent living becomes a problem. Living alone or aging in place for the long run can also lead to loneliness and sometimes depression in the elderly.

While many people will say no to a retirement home at first, it’s always good to look at the positives of it. Assisted living can solve a lot of problems age brings with it. A big reason people think twice about moving to a retirement home is the cost. Yes, there are plenty of support and external aid available but do you have the financial backup? The answer to this is that it need not be costly. There are plenty of affordable ones with a wide range of customizable services out there. It’s important to choose the right one which gives you complete satisfaction.

Before you pick the best choice for your retirement, make sure you consider all the factors for a happy and healthy life during your second innings.

Looking for a senior home? Aishwaryam comes to you from The Chennai Homes, a company that is built on a strong foundation of timeless values and good ethics.

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Happy Retirement To You! 🙂

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