5 Summer Health Tips for Seniors to Beat the Heat

Summer is here! It’s now time to search for a place to hide and make every effort to beat the scorching heat as much as possible. If you are a senior citizen, then you need to stay extra cautious in this season of the year. If you are aged 65 years and over, you may be facing an increased risk of heat-related illnesses. Too much heat causes many health problems for individuals at any age but seniors are at unprecedented risk. Seniors having respiratory issues such as COPD or asthma are at increased risk of heat-related illnesses. Another major problem that seniors can face is the chance of hyperthermia, or more commonly known as heat stroke. 

To adequately help your loved one be prepared for this hot season, here are some great tips that the elderly and their caregivers can use to make sure they remain cool and enjoy a fun, safe summer.


The summer season makes the body sweat like anything when compared to any other season. It is a natural reaction of the body towards the heat to stay cool and energetic even, due to sweating. Here are some simple tips to keep yourself hydrated.

  1. Remember to drink plenty of water – Drinking water regularly is good for hydration during summers.

  2. Have yourself some coconut water – It is a natural energy booster that constitutes a great source of minerals, electrolytes, and other essential nutrients.

  3. Drink plenty of naturally extracted juices – All natural juice helps the body refill the lost fluids. Try to avoid artificial juices that have added sugars and flavors.

  4. Say no to caffeine and alcohol – Caffeine and alcohol cause severe dehydration which is the last thing you want to face on a severe hot summer day.


Good food is anything and everything that keeps the body cool during summers. Listing a few summer diet suggestions exclusively for seniors below:-

  1. Heard of seasonal fruits? – Nature knows what exactly we need during the summer season. That’s why it provides us with fruits that keep us cool in abundance. Fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, mangoes, and papaya are rich sources of the best nutrients for summer.

  2. Even try seasonal vegetables – Summer season’s best vegetables are cucumber, iceberg lettuce, celery, and tomatoes. These vegetables are known for consisting of over 90% water.

  3. Avoid oily and spicy foods – Keep away from oily and spicy foods. These kinds of foods take much longer to get digested causing the body to lose the extra energy and resources like essential fluids.

  4. Reduce daily meat intake – If you’re taking lean protein such as chicken breast or fish then it’s alright for the body but stay away from red meats and other preserved types of meats.


Hot and humid weather conditions can interrupt sleep and worsen your body, affecting day-to-day productivity and health. Even when fans and air conditioners have become common across many households in summer, doctors highly recommend some additional measures to ensure undisturbed sleep. Plants like tulsi, mint, and aloe vera have a calm and cooling effect, ensuring good sound sleep.

Watch out for heatstroke- During summers, heatstroke is actually a life-threatening condition that causes complications later on. Look for heatstroke symptoms like high body temperature, dizziness, headache, confusion, and nausea. Seek immediate medical attention if you notice these signs.


Limit outdoor time to early mornings or evenings during summers, or if you are outside in the afternoon, ensure you are protected by shade. Staying in an air-conditioned environment is also preferable. If air conditioning is not available in the home, find public options such as the library or mall to spend time in extreme heat.

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