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Most seniors appreciate the facilities and easygoing lifestyle that senior living communities provide but most seniors actually prefer to age in their own place, in their lifelong homes and neighborhoods they are familiar with. Reasons for choosing to age at the best senior retirement community in India should include wanting to stay in a beautiful place surrounded by your neighbours and family, as well as avoiding the prohibitive cost of unnecessary travel. If you want to discover the ways you can make modifications to your home to keep it more age-friendly, check out the top home modifications tips mentioned below.

Top 5 Home Modifications for Seniors Aging in Place

1. Wide Doorways

If a senior constantly moves around with mobility aids like a walker or wheelchair, to help them navigate through her home, widening doorways is a very beneficial home modification. Based on the insulation and placement of switches in various rooms and outlets in the home, costs also vary greatly for wide doorways.

2. Installing Ramps

Exterior stairs can become a challenge for seniors who are not so stable on their feet or have issues with balance, so installing ramps is an ideal home modification that is well worth the cost to provide greater safety. Licensed contractors have been trained in building and installing ramps according to the adequate correct height and rise for the elderly. Indoor threshold ramps are also great for home safety modifications for older adults who prefer to use wheelchairs. These indoor ramps allow smooth transitions from one surface to another and it is safe for seniors to navigate throughout the home. 

3. Kitchen Modifications

While ageing, seniors may find that their appliances are no longer in ideal locations and that their countertops and cabinetry have been constructed too high, especially if they are in a wheelchair. Contacting professional contractors can help as they can adjust the counter height and lower the sink, to allow for wider and easy access to seniors from a seated position. Additionally, seniors also find it easier when microwaves are placed in microwave stands, as opposed to being at the back of the counter or in raised microwave cabinets.

4. Bathroom Modifications

A senior who chooses to opt age in place also should always make sure for home modifications in the bathroom, particularly if it has a bathtub fitted in it. One option should always be to replace the bathtub with a walk-in shower since it is known to provide a much easier and safer entry and exit from a bathtub. A second bathroom safety modification option could also be to replace a traditional bathtub with a walk-in tub.

5. Flooring Modifications

Another important consideration for older adults is flooring. The first step is to look into the home’s existing floors. If the carpet looks too old and shaggy, you need to consider replacing it with new carpeting that has a shorter nap. Seniors are less likely to trip on shorter-nap carpeting, and it’s also more suitable for seniors who navigate through the home with the use of a walker or wheelchair. Hardwood, tile, laminate, and vinyl floors are smooth and also offer easier wheelchair manoeuvring, but they also tend to be more slippery than carpeting. People often use throw rugs on these types of flooring, so be sure that you either get rid of them or securely tape them down to prevent trips and falls.

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