“We aim to create a vibrant community of like-minded people who believe in living their golden years to the fullest.”

Aishwaryam comes to you from The Chennai Homes, a company that is built on strong foundation of timeless values and good ethics. The Chennai homes are spearheaded by a team of dynamic professionals who have a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector. Aishwaryam is the first of the many projects they propose to launch in the field of senior retirement care.

Built upon a foundation of high-end quality and commitment, The Chennai Homes presents a premier retirement lifestyle destination. The idea of Senior retirement homes came into being with the desire to create a new standard of excellence. To create well-managed retirement residences situated in friendly community living environments.

By bringing together superior expertise, useful amenities, exceptional hospitality and high standards. The Chennai Homes offers Senior retirement homes that are cleverly designed by Professional builders with the focus to be a pioneer and a leading provider of quality retirement homes. With the persistent effort to create secure and friendly community living environments, The Chennai Homes revolves around optimum quality of life, comfort and value. The successful completion of its first premium retirement project, Aishwaryam has established The Chennai Homes as a prominent and trusted retirement homes builder. Chennai Homes endeavors to undertake and accomplish further fulfilling projects in the near future.

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