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Success can come to you at a later stage too and these people are proof We have heard the statement ‘age is just a number’ over and over again. It has been proven to be true in the case of these late bloomers. They are testament to the fact that when you put your mind to it, anything can be ...

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Common Health Problems In Elderly

India is one of the most populous countries in the world. The demographic pattern of the country has seen a three fold increase in the population of people over the age of 60 years. It is also predicted that this percentage will rise to 11.1% by 2025. We all know that unless we keep ourselves fit and active, age related ...

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ideas for helping the elderly

Is aging in place a risk to our health? The key to prevention is through socialization Are you approaching retirement age? Has the thought of where you would be living after retirement crossed your mind yet? There are two broad answers to the question. It’s either at your place or at a retirement community. This question almost seems obvious and ...

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Best Retirement Lifestyle

Retirement – isn’t the word beautiful? After years and years of waking up to the alarm, getting out of bed and taking care of your family, you can finally put your legs up and relax. Now that you have ample time on your hands, what if it bores you? You suddenly feel like you have nothing to do? At this ...

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Retirement Myths

Retirement is a beautiful phase of life. It allows you to finally get some rest after years of toiling. To live a happy, healthy and secure retired life is something everyone yearns for. These blissful years comes with some solid planning and saving. During this stage, you might fall prey to certain retirement myths that are famously known to linger ...

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How To Save For Retirement

After years and years of hard work, you finally are ready to put your legs up and announce to the world that you’re retired. Retirement is good but have you saved enough to sustain for the next whatever years? Retirement need not be difficult. A blissful life after 60 can be completely hassle-free and relaxed provided you plan properly in ...

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Home Loan For Pensioners

If you’ve been there, don’t that, you probably know difficult it is to obtain a home loan even for working individuals. For a retiree or a pensioner, it is very difficult to procure a home loan. The bank or the authority generally doesn’t want to lend out money to them as they almost have no steady flow of income. It ...

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Retirement Financial Planning

Retirement doesn’t mean freedom, it generally means the start of a brand new journey. At The Chennai Homes, we have formulated a retirement financial planning checklist for you to work your way through a successful retirement. Take the right decision and form the right retirement financial planning when it comes to your retirement. 1. Set Your Budget It is important ...

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Nutrition For Elderly

A healthier person is always a happier one. But, as one ages it becomes obvious that the food with the necessary nutrition for the elderly differs vastly from the usual diet. Though other problems that affect the mental health like empty nest syndrome are steadily growing, it is essential to take care of the vessel that carries the mind to ...

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Best Time To Retire

When do you plan to retire? If you’re thinking “soon”, then consider these factors on what really is the best time to retire, before you take any decisions But If you’re already retired then, click here to know the simplest ways you could lead a happy retired life by overcoming empty nest syndrome. Best age to retire is what first ...

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