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what to look for in a retirement home

The Chennai Homes is back to assist you. Because we have here another set of questions to ask your retirement community. Click here to read part 1 of the FAQs about your retirement community. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: 1. Can the kitchen provide special meals per dietary restrictions as needed? It is, in fact, our specialty to provide to the appropriate ...

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Questions To Ask Retirement Community

Choosing a retirement home might feel like God himself is testing your patience. There is always one problem or the other, conveniently for them, you realize it only after buying the house. Here are some of the questions that we, at The Chennai Homes get from smart buyers who are ready to choose the right retirement home. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: ...

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Overcoming Assisted Living Fears

Fears are something indistinguishable. Only the person feeling it knows what it actually is. Doing new things are a sure way to feel it. But the new things are made to change us, transform us, make us better. For a senior citizen, change is the scariest of all yet the inevitable too. There are so many things that an elderly ...

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Facts about Assisted Living

Assisted Living – a system of housing and limited care that is designed for senior citizens who need some assistance with daily activities but do not require care in a nursing home. Assisted living is associated with comfortable and community living. That is what attracted most of the senior community towards it. Studies are showing that many older adults are ...

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Benefits Of Social Media For Seniors

A collaboration between social media and elders was always a rare occurrence. Or so they said. Because time moves fast and unless we start running it would leave us behind. But that’s not the only reason that today’s elders must learn the art that is social media. The benefits of social media for seniors surpasses the “need to be updated ...

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Best Place To Retire In India

Chennai – house of thousands and home for millions. It is praised as the place of perfect harmony. People from all over India reside here as one in this one city. Probably, the most versatile metro city you’ll ever visit. With all sorts of resources available readily, Chennai is the most sought-after city to settle down. The Times of India ...

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Overcoming Empty Nest Syndrome

Identity is everything. We are identified as someone’s child, someone’s partner, someone’s parent. It is what gives us purpose. The roles we play end up being our identity. So it won’t be faux if parenting can be called as the toughest and time-consuming role than any other. Such a role comes with a great responsibility of seeing the children leave ...

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Advantages Of Retirement Homes

What is a retirement home to you? A peaceful, independent living with no responsibilities whatsoever. A heaven for the retired, in other words. You’re children have grown up. While taking care of them, providing for them, you’ve forgotten what it’s like to have a minute of peace. See, the children are great. But we humans are social animals. So living ...

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Embrace Aging

Aging is part of life. And like everything, there are good and bad things associated with it. But seeing the good in everything is the better way of living life. Thus, we are giving you a few things to feel good about aging and give you a few tips on how to make it as fun as possible. The hardest ...

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Retirement Homes In Chennai

Everyone must have a dream place that they would like to retire to. In the hills with the view that is hard to resist, traveling the world with a backpack or something equally dreamy and peaceful But the reality of choosing a retirement home is always hard to digest. The need for stability and security overrides the dreams. But retiring ...

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