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Aishwaryam comes to you from The Chennai Homes, a company that is built on strong foundation of timeless values and good ethics. The Chennai homes is spearheaded by a team of dynamic professionals who have a wealth of experience in the hospitality sector. Aishwaryam is the first of the many projects they propose to launch in the field of senior care.

Aishwaryam is located on the picturesque East Coast Road enroute from Chennai to Pondicherry at Marakanam. Its tranquil location ensures community is cut from the bustle and pollution that are typical city life, but remains well connected to essential services like travel hubs as well as medical facilities.

Thanks to its location on the ECR.

At Aishwaryam each cottage, modelled on a luxury suite, has its own living area, pantry, and a bedroom to provide the most comfortable living environment for you.

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Senior citizen retirement homes in Chennai

Aishwaryam Engal Anbu Illam! Aishwaryam Engal Aanadha Illam! Aishwaryam Engal Amaidhi Illam! Aishwaryam Engal Erai Illam!


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